Today I met Mae

It’s a rainy Wednesday night and I was hungry so I went to get Mediterranean food. I expected to see my neighbor Sean who typically takes care of me when I come in for food and Baklava! Instead there was a young women, she was beautiful and her name was Mae. When I stepped into the store there was no one standing at the food bar but at the end of the galley lined with culinary instruments was a kitchenette. There stood Mae washing away at the sink when she saw me she came over and greeted me. She was generous and when I asked for some pita bread she walked over and got some for me. While walking away “Why did you ask me like I wasn’t going to give it to you?” with a curious smile. I replied “No its not you I was just saying to myself Mia you said you wasn’t down for pita tonight “(carb and gluten consciousness). Then with much excitement she said “your name is Mia? My name is Mae!” we broke out in expressive gestures and happy smiles because our names sort of sounds alike.  

At the cash register her curious looks at me continued and so I asked her how she was doing tonight. “I’m good there is a lot to do so I am just trying to get it all done…how is your night?” Yet, at no point in our interaction did I feel rushed by Mae or like I was taking up her time in an inconvenient way, she was a patient and sweet young women. I told her about the kick boxing class I took at my university’s recreation center earlier in the evening. She asked about my studies and so I spoke about a presentation I did earlier in the day about sexual behavior, it was for my social problems class. After my quick synopsis of the content she asked “so what do you think is a solution to this social problem?” and I told her what I truly believe.

Sex is still a conversation that is too taboo in our intimate social interactions, in regards to family member who harbor a great deal of useful knowledge . It seems like a women (or man) with experience would explicitly state the emotional confusion, stress and at times devastation that comes along with sexual behavior. In my excitement she agreed with me! She told her own story about her close relationship with her mother and sister in which sexual behavior is not talked about explicitly. Instead her mom says to her “don’t get pregnant” then Mae went on to talk about the other social problems she sees festering around her. Witnessing the gentrification of your home city that is not going to serve the majority of the city’s inhabitants is frustrating to say the least. It makes some want to move, shake and find a solution. Mae wants to be the change she wants to see, which makes her down with me.

Although, I am grateful for the entire interaction, her zeal impressed and encouraged me the most because her desire to help is sincere. It’s fantastic to think of a time when sincere, true and consistent work prepares anyone for their opportunity. Then they meet the opportunity already knowing how to grasp it with confidence. A sincere heart along with dialogue with those who’ve experienced the struggles we’re facing today, can take us a long way. I beg to say, all the way. There is a sincere generation at hand and I know because the generation I speak of is mine. The wonders we Mae do when our preparation meets our opportunity.


2 thoughts on “Today I met Mae

  1. This is wonderful writing Mia! I felt like I was inside your head or even there with you and “Mae” during the whole thing. I look forward to reading more of your blogs. ❤️❤️

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