I Sat Next to a Twig Tree

I sat next to a twig tree, in the midst of carefully placed shrubbery

For outdoor décor, along every other uniform paved cement square

I dared to say, it’s May

Why aren’t you being fruitful yet?

She said look baby girl it takes a lot for a flower to blossom in the concrete

The ridged unhospitable layover has been the hindrance to our

Creative outstretching roots, we’re placed and given a limited role

Aesthetic charm, but look beyond me just a bit

Those cracks in the pavement are our roots coming up from underneath             

Committed to over taking the cement like system, growing and being fruitful

You must know what this is like my dear

Have you been fruitful among the cement

She asked me


One thought on “I Sat Next to a Twig Tree

  1. Very elaborate and insightful, I love my generation because I am it. The idea of how much we despise definitely takes a toll but Mia and Mae has the same patience and dedication that I am filled with.

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